The Lunar astronaut has made another unforgettable landing; this time in Aarhus, and the signature of the distinct Lunar style is as recognizable as ever and truly cements the same Lunar feel, also felt in Copenhagen, Oslo, and Stockholm.

The brand new Aarhus facility is a symphony of the elements. Between the dark-stained wooden ceilings and the concrete tiling, you will find the industrial glass panels, reflecting the Lunar logo onto anyone, who enters the building. The three story office space is bound together by the centerpiece staircase that commands the room with its sharp steel and glass build.


Headaches, back pain, or stiffness in the neck and shoulders can occur just as easily at home as in the office. Your physical work environment profoundly impacts how you feel when you are working as well as your overall productivity.

It can be a considerable expense to invest in a proper home office setup. Consequently, few employees have had the opportunity to acquire a comfortable, ergonomic office chair and desk for their dedicated work space at home.

However, as an employee, you are not solely responsible for your physical work environment at home. When working remotely for more than 7.4…

Are employees in your organization working from home?

With an increasing number of people having to work from home at least one or two days per week, especially during our current government-mandated lockdown, it is safe to say that the future of work is in a transitional phase.

Although working from home can be practical and flexible, it should be a requisite that employees do not take to their sofa or dining table.

Poor working conditions can easily backfire and can lead to physical discomfort and later health complications. This applies to both short-term and long-term wellness of your employees.

Throughout this article, we will be outlining the…

Circular economy is a systematic approach to economic development — to benefit businesses, customers, and the planet. It fundamentally challenges the consumerist mantra of “produce, use, and throw away.”

Consumption without an eye for recycling, sustainability, and long-term business strategies have for years been the rule amongst consumers — as well as companies.

As the undeniable consequences of large-scale consumption are taking their toll on our environment and climate, an alternative to this linear economy has gained traction: a sustainable alternative to our present throw-away culture. Enter circular economy.

In this article, we will give you a concise overview of…

In the last few years, many Danes have begun working from home. In order to have a well-functioning and inviting home office, the furniture itself needs to live up to certain requirements.

In other words:
It is crucial that you furnish your home office with care and consideration.

Are you having virtual meetings, surrounded by dirty skillets and pans, while your computer fights for space on your kitchen table? Are you writing reports, lying down in your bed, covered by your duvet with your back supported by pillows?

Or have you managed to set up a proper workstation with an…

At the beginning of Vesterbro and the edge of Frederiksberg, you will find one of Copenhagen’s coziest streets, Værnedamsvej. The atmosphere here is almost Parisian with a mix of Danish street culture. Between the small cafés and trendy stores, Grant Compass has their headquarters.

Their office, fully equipped with OMNI furniture, has undergone swift development — a reflection of the rapid growth Grant Compass has experienced the last couple of years. Being located on a very attractive address, Grant Compass needed an office that resonated with both the location and their own culture and ambitions.

Yuan Nielsen

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