OMNI Cribs S1E7 | Grant Compass HQ

At the beginning of Vesterbro and the edge of Frederiksberg, you will find one of Copenhagen’s coziest streets, Værnedamsvej. The atmosphere here is almost Parisian with a mix of Danish street culture. Between the small cafés and trendy stores, Grant Compass has their headquarters.

Their office, fully equipped with OMNI furniture, has undergone swift development — a reflection of the rapid growth Grant Compass has experienced the last couple of years. Being located on a very attractive address, Grant Compass needed an office that resonated with both the location and their own culture and ambitions.

The office is spread across two floors. At their downstairs entrance, one is met by the deep blue color on the wall in the communal room. Two FDB Danish dining tables, surrounded by oakwood chairs are complemented by the soft light of Tom Rossau’s immaculate TR5 floor lamp, tying the room neatly together. Next door, the CEO and Founder, David Dencker, can be found together with his administration team. From their Kevi 2533 work chairs and OMNI’s elevation desks, they work tirelessly to make sure funds are distributed correctly. On the setup and curation process, CEO David David Dencker comments:

“OMNI’s curated office furniture packages were very good and easy. The setup process was a super nice experience, because they handled everything, and they really cared about creating a beautiful office for us.”

Walking into their space on the upper floor, you are met with a unique lounge area. The arrangement of the re-upholstered vintage furniture oozes warmth and gives a very welcoming feeling to this special lounge space. A welcoming feeling that also can be felt by visitors.
David comments:

”When our guests and customers come to visit the office, they often comment on how much it feels like home.”

On one side of the lounge, there is a classy meeting room with a large teak meeting room table and elegant chairs, and on the other side, a workroom, where the development team resides. The keyboard clicks echo happily inside this productive room from atop the smokey blue surfaces of their OMNI elevation desks, while a handcrafted wooden OMNI whiteboard leans against the wall, acting as a canvas for their ideas and execution plans. The team members, both sitting and standing, smile as we walk by.

The welcoming warmth of the Grant Compass office can be felt not only by visitors, but also from the employees as expressed by David:

Our employees say that arriving at the office and working from there really feels good, because the setting is so nice.

One particular piece has made an impression. The OMNI design whiteboard on which David comments:

My personal favorite has to be the custom whiteboard with the solid oak frame. It is functional, yet it is also a very decorative piece, which is uncommon for a whiteboard.”

The Grant Compass office perfectly captures the direction modern Nordic offices are heading. Furniture with proud tradition, yet in symbiosis with the modern expressions of a Copenhagen enterprise in rapid movement. An office with a touch of OMNI.

Follow us to see our upcoming episodes of OMNI Cribs, where we will visit more of the coolest offices in the City!

Photography by Karstensen Fotografi/Ourcreativeplace.




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